Albi & The Wolves (New Zealand)

As a proud albino man with a big bushy white beard, Chris Dent (Albi) makes for a striking figure. With his smooth, almost angelic voice and warm gentle demeanour, he naturally captures and holds his audience's attention by just being the man he is. On stage he is joined by his wolves, Pascal Roggen and Micheal Young. This pack, with a line up including Violin, Double Bass, Guitar and rich three part vocal harmonies, come together with a massive sound to play everything from your soul-stirring ballads to your ear worming, foot stomping hoe downs.  All three musicians are powerful and compelling performers in their own right. But when they come together, they create something larger than any individual, something incredible, a must to see.

"For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack"- Rudyard Kipling

Highlights/Previous Events: Woodford Folk Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival, Inland Sea of Sound Festival, Skyline Dashville Festival, Tablelands Folk Festival, Maldon Folk Festival, Illawarra Folk Festival, Nanga Music Festival, Auckland Folk Festival, TSB Festival Of Lights, Gardens Magic Wellington, CubaDupa, Taste Of Auckland and many more.

Band Members/Line Up:-
Chris Dent (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Stomp)
Pascal Roggen (Electric Violin, Backing Vocals)
Micheal Young (Double Bass, Backing Vocals)