Allensworth (USA)

Allensworth is both diligently pressing boundaries and paying homage to the majestry of Soul. Hailing from Huntington Beach California singer songwriter Jamie Allensworth is joined by his Soul quartet to fuse rock and soul into a melting pot of true life anthemic stories.  The quartet along with Jamie boasts hard hitting multi instrumentalists that are fueled by the desire to captivate anyone within earshot and broaden the horizon of Soul music. 

Highlights/Previous Events: Caloundra Music Festival, Blues On Broadbeach, Mullum Music Festival, Peak Perisher Festival, Under The Trees Festival, Mitchell Creek Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, The Gumball, Swell Festival, Bleach Festival.  Beautiful Girls support - The Station, Jindabyne.

Band Members/Line Up:-
Jamie Allensworth (vocals & guitar)
Scott French (guitar)
Tracy Stephens (bass)
Jacob Mann (drums)