Anthony Forrest

Anthony Forrest is a formidable vocalist, instrumentalist, producer and composer. His years as singer and songwriter for reggae/dub heavyweight, Kingfisha, has honed these self-taught disciplines to create something truly rare and inspirational. Anthony’s latest project, under his own namesake, continues to break new ground in the roots genre and is everything you’d expect from this exceptional artist. Collaborating with West End Producer Peet Gardner (So Soap studios) the two artists have mixed their talents, combining Peets cutting edge production and Anthony's compositions to create their distinctive Soul/Electro sound. A heavy soul bass tip sprinkled with electronic synths and overlaid with Anthony's ethereal vocals, Forrest’s creations will leave you simultaneously wanting for nothing and wanting more.

Anthony latest single "Nasturtiums" was described by Scenster " A liquified soul-funk beat sails smoothly a top Forrest's delicious vocals, before the song lazily morphs into tranquil yet creamy Arabian-flavoured electronic tones and mesmerising trip hop styled bass"

Rounding out the project is the live band formation, which consists of two of Brisbane's finest musicians, Joel Alexander , [Bullhorn, Dubmarine] Bass synth, MPC and Synths and Dave Bell [Kingfisha] Drums and samples