Fat Picnic

Since before the creation of the known universe existed exactly 3 levels of consciousness: Groove, Tempo and Key Centre.

In this ocean of potential, pathways for the flow of energy began to form. The pathways grew more and more intricate until they evolved and pioneered a new type of existence: Form!

Not the kind of form we now know as matter, but the kind of form that moves through you, that animates life and that makes music really, really funky. This form was so enormous and was the habitat for so many different types consciousness it became known as Fat City.
There were so many sweet jams held at Fat City, it was only a matter of time before a massive beat was dropped. Inevitably, this beat would be massive. This was to be the biggest drop ever. There will possibly never be a bigger drop in the past, present or future. When the drop finally hit, it dropped so hard that it actually started the new known universe and became known as the Big Bang. When the drop exploded the universe into its modern existence with all it’s fancy matter and what not, Fat City was neither carporialised or destroyed. Instead it remained, intertwined and forever a part of all living matter in the universe.

Fat Picnic (affectionately known as ‘fatties’) all grew up inside a Mayan pyramid, situated on top of the highest point of a big little town called Fat City. During their teens, some found paid employment at the local funk factory, passing on parcels of awesomeness to fellow citizens. It was at this factory that the founding members met and started making outstanding noises together. Others found work as groovesmith apprentice’s and lieutenants for the Navel Brigade. (a belly button based self defence unique to Fat City)
When the local government was overturned by some smelly bandits (deserters of the city guard: funksquad) a group of young citizens banded together to resist their unfunky cause to convert Fat City into one of the leading manufacturers of letter heads in the world. The young citizens blasted the bandits with really catchy horn lines, great dancing tempos and ridiculously fun live shows. Dazzled by groove, the bandits were left helpless. By nightfall the city was returned to its true owners and a movement was formed. Their leader, Hughie suggested calling the group, ‘Obese Alfresco Dining’. However, after consideration and many tangents and laughter, the group decided to call themselves Fat Picnic instead, united by a funky mission:

“To spread love and good vibes!”

These days Fat Picnic is a soul-ska explosion that preaches punchy horn lines and bangin’ reggae beats - culminating in an energetic and infectious live show. Corrupted by an unquenchable lust for groove and outstanding noises, their music ranges across dub, funk, soul & ska. Simply put, there just ain’t no party like a Fat Picnic party!