This New Light

This New Light is an indie-folk music project based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. With a debut EP release experiencing a positive response in early 2019, Samuel Ayling moved on from a previous collaboration with long-time friend and musician, Tom Logan, to pursue his musical aspirations as the sole songwriter for the project. In the later months of 2019, This New Light released the single, 'The Other One'; a song of vulnerability and introspection that explored a more experimental sonic palette than what we'd heard previously. Executing an equally as impressive live set, This New Light is one to watch for future releases and gig appearances.

Ayling has already begun work on a sophomore EP and is set to release a number of singles in the lead-up. Balancing full-time study and other projects (including film scoring for a Brisbane creative), Ayling hopes that 2021 will see further growth of his following and his sound.

'103' is his latest single; the second track in a string of new releases set for the next 6 months. ’Surround Me’, the next musical instalment, is scheduled for an April 2nd release.