Sian Evans

Sian Evans is a Singer-Songwriter and then some. Sporting Guitar, Banjo, Stampy Box and Jingles (feet percussion), her show is a fine conclave of folk/roots and alt-country. A great voice, dexterous guitar chops and charming as hell. She is a bona fide country roots troubadour.

Sian’s  journey with music and her voice has seen her explore the continent playing numerous festivals and connecting with the full spectrum of professional musicians and artists alike over numerous genre’s and styles.

These days however, she is settling into a fine concave of folk/roots, alt-country; the master nest and absolute place of hearty home feels.

Her creative endeavours have spurred successful projects in dinky ragtime/jazz (Pollysassin), flood-folk bluegrass (The Rusty Datsuns) as well as her own solo gypsy-jazz/roots works (Bessy-Lou) to fronting latest Goth-Country & Roots outfit “The Long Johns” and becoming a featured vocalist for Funk and Soul supergroup outfit “The New Buzz”

Earliest Influences include Texan artist “Michelle Shocked” for that story telling aspect of song, which you can hear within Sian’s tunes along with intertwined flavours of artists such as Fiona Apple, The Waifs, The Andrews Sisters; naming just a few across a spectrum as far as Doc Watson and backward toward traditional American Folk  sounds, not non-inclusive of more contemporary artists such as Shakey Graves or Katie Noonan.

Singer-Songwriter and then some, generally sporting guitar and or Banjo, Stampy box and jingles (feet percussion). Sits a solid show but travels often with a buddy of the fiddler kind (Gareth Mewes).

Sian is also exploring her gentler side with her new work with producer Govinda Doyle – showcasing her diversity as an artist, touching on many genres and styles within her career.

“Sure Sian’s got a great voice, dexterous guitar chops, is a looker and charming as hell, but what about the positives” – Tim Rogers

“One of the most promising artists in the Brisbane independent music scene. Sian has that amazing ability to sound live as she does on record” – Tyrone Noonan (George)