Tommy Sexton and the Suggestions

The sonic lovechild of Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan, Tommy straddles soul, disco funk and post-apocalyptic yacht rock as smooth as he slips into his silk purple robes or well ironed buttoned shirt and suit pants. 

A veteran of Brisbane music, Tommy burst onto the scene in an explosion of jazz as a bass playing teen with his mates from Kafka the early 2000s, before mellowing into the swinging reggae of Kooii and, along the journey, singing sweet, sweet vocal harmonies with The Melotonins and Laneous and the Family Yah.

Now, leading his outfit Tommy Sexton & the Suggestions, Tommy is stepping out from the shadows, emerging from his role as perennial wingman and chief provider of groove, and into the spotlight in which he was born to shine. Hit play ... 

Tommy draws inspiration from Herbie Hancock to Earth Wind and Fire, D'Angelo to Toto, as well as his reading on subjects from love & loves journeys, cosmic stardust meanderings,  deschooling to permaculture, to embody a distinct and sexy coupling of imaginative and intelligent lyrics with some damned slinky tunes. 

Who else grapples with Prometheus, bringer of fire – was it a gift or a curse? – or devotes a song to the dandelion, as his crowd claps and grooves? 
Who but Tommy Sexton?

Band Members/Line Up::-
Tommy Sexton - bass/vocals (he/him)
Trav Jenkins - guitar/backing vocals (he/him)
Rosa Mack - backing vocals/percussion (she/her)
Peter Golikov - keys/synths/percussion (he/him)
Lochlan Feng - keys/synths/backing vocals (he/him)
Sam Castan - drums (he/him)