Tyrone Noonan

ARIA award-winning artist Tyrone Noonan has enjoyed an accolade-heavy career beginning with his sister Katie Noonan in george. His most recent album, Utopia?, is no exception. This album harks back to the golden era of 1980s Australian indie rock excellence. It’s a sonic melting pot; fusing unabashed pop with luscious, sprawling ballads. Pop gems and gorgeous ballads are interweaved with psychedelic bangers, and all carry some heavy personal and socio-political themes. 

Tyrone says of the inspiration behind the record: “I’m aiming to create a journey through the myriad of human emotions, both on a personal and a global level, that we are all facing right now”. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s a gloomy record: “This is a record for those yearning for a better path; something I think so many people on this planet agree with. Things are evolving so quickly, but amongst the 24 hour news cycle, there’s not enough balance between the negative and positive. This album tries to bridge that balance.” 

The record features co‐writes with Grant (G.W.) McLennan (of The Go‐Betweens), and including his last vocal recording), Dan Rosen (ARIA CEO) and his main co-writers, Award-winning Donna Dyson and rising NT star Colin Lillie.